Highway Book Shop   1957-2011
Cobalt, Ontario, Canada
Gone, but not forgotten
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Highway Book Shop-circa 2002
Douglas in the internet building   Doug and Lois Pollard

Dear Customers:

After 54 years of being in business the time has come for Highway Book Shop to turn off the lights and close its door for the last time on May 29, 2011.
I would like to take this time to thank each and every patron, young and old alike, who supported Highway Book Shop over the years.
It has been our pleasure to serve you.

Lois Pollard
May 29, 2011

Highway Book Shop was sold as of June 29th, 2012.

The new owners are no longer looking at options for re-opening the Book Shop.

This site is now for historical reference only, giving the list of titles published by the Highway Book Shop, and a listing of the authors who were published. For a Google search of this site: use this link.

The obituary for Douglas Pollard is linked here. | The obituary of Lois Pollard is linked here.

They are greatly missed by many, many people.